Enterprise or bust

I’ve worked in enterprise software marketing for over 15 years now. I’ve been laid off twice in that timeframe. The first time? It hurt. It hurt badly. So badly, it was like a boyfriend had taken the ring off my finger, but had accidently taken my finger with him. That was almost 10 years ago.

Fast forward through life’s changes, including family, newborns, moving, breast cancer diagnosis and triumphant survivorship, to the approach of middle age, where I get laid off again. Did it hurt? Well, maybe just a tad. Not too much. Once you’ve battled cancer, nothing really hurts anymore. I guess I accepted it with quiet resolution, a bit of cynicism and with the requisite bottle of chardonnay, followed by loads of exercise.

However, I have just had my 14th, 15th, or possibly 16th interview since February, and I am starting to get a little bit tired of this gig. Sometimes I think it would be better to just call the whole thing off, and stop searching. But the more practical me says “No, you like living in a house and having a car, don’t you?”

So, today’s interview went a little bit like this: we danced, we got along, we spoke the same language. When he asked me if I would move, I hesitated. “Well, I would consider it!” I said enthusiastically. “Ummm, if that’s a showstopper, you’d better tell me now, because we really need someone here in Colorado.” Hmmmm, okay, you win. I give up. No more song, no more dance. Just resolve to get better at swimming and biking, because that’s all I seem to be excelling at these days.

I’ve found that each position has been uniquely not fitting in a lot of ways. Namely in location. I’ve worked virtually for about 6 years now, so I tend to think that all companies embrace the virtual team. Not so.

So, I guess it’s back to the trenches I go. Searching, searching, searching for that position that is just right for me. Even though I have a healthy separation between “work” and “life”, it’s hard to not take all of this personally. I feel like the non-Greek at a sorority house these days in terms of finding work.

For now, I guess I have some swimming and biking to work on. That’s my job, along with raising my 3 monkeys. When I get to the point where I have a consistent 21 mph on my bike, or when I successfully launch my 3rd into preschool, I’ll be the first one to let you know. In the meantime, I’ve got a whole lot of work/life balance! More balanced on the life side, that is.

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