Internet Addiction

Well, I’ve learned the hard way what it’s like to not have an internet connection. I’ve spent the greater part of a week dealing with no service. Seems that a certain, large conglomerate phone company in the USA doesn’t have a lot of capacity to allow users to drop their land line while maintaining their internet service.

We’ve made the leap to being a completely internet-based household. In terms of communications, that is.  I have to say that I felt a twinge of sadness, maybe even nostalgia when we got rid of the landline.  I remembered the hours I spent attached to a wall when I was a teenager, toying with the phone cord while I decided upon my future with my friends. Usually at 4 a.m.  And the times when, in my 20s, I actually waited for the phone to ring. Really!  Naw, I didn’t do that much, but I do remember checking voicemail religiously to see if a certain someone was calling. Turns out most of those certain someones were actually no ones in my life, but at the time it was important.

So, you see, I was fraught with some conflict when my husband announced he was getting rid of the line. “What if there’s a tornado?” “Ummmm, what if the internet and the wireless go down?”  You can tell that I like to be emergency-prepared.

Alas, we are now dependent on the internet for our voip, email, music, et al.  I’ve decided it’s okay for now, but I still feel a twinge when I think of toying with the phone cord, thinking about the future……

p.s. I promise to post now, honestly.

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