Last weekend, my oldest son got his first shiner.  Apart from having to field questions from every store clerk, camp counselor, and sports coach in our lives, I have learned a very valuable lesson from this shiner.  It’s all about resilience, you see.

The story goes a bit like this:  My son and his father were out practicing baseball catching.  They quickly moved on to hitting the ball with a bat, and neglected to get out the requisite batting helmet.  My husband pitched the ball at my son, and BAM! A black eye was born.  Not to mention the guilt that ensued for my husband.  He won’t be forgetting the batting helmet again, I can say that with certainty.

After the brouhaha was over, life quickly settled back into our normal weekend routine, and we basically moved on.

But I have to say, we took one thing for granted.  Here was my son, black eye and all, doing everything he normally does on any given weekend.  He swam, laughed, played ball (he will even tell you proudly that he finished practicing with Dad), and everything was back to normal.  It made me think about resiliency and the human spirit.  You see, he was not ready to let the black eye make him stop. He kept on going, and it wasn’t until he pointed this out did I realize that this is what adults sometimes lack.  Resiliency.  We get so overwrought with our personal crises, our problems, our lives that we often don’t realize that sometimes it’s just healthier to let it go.  I am not talking about throwing cares to the wind, but rather, throwing useless cares to the wind and allowing ourselves to act as we did when we were children.  Not letting the little things trip us up, or even get in our way for a moment.

So it’s with this attitude I will try to approach my days.   So what if I left my favorite Burt’s Bees lip balm in the car and my lips are a bit dry?  Should I let that stop me from enjoying lunch with my daughter?  No!  Just yesterday, I returned to my house after I left on a bike ride, obsessed with my sunglasses and where they might be.  Not a good use of my time, really. I lost 10 minutes of precious cycling time on the lake from that. For what? I ended up finding my sunglasses later that day, intact and about 5 feet away from where they were supposed to be.  So today, I am going to just take a deep breath, relax, and  let it go. Try it with me and tell me if it makes you feel more free.

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