200 miles.

Does that sound daunting?

Well, we’ve cycled more than this, but perhaps not in a 2 day period. In 2011.

Don't we look hot?

Literally, hot

 By all respects, I should be logging back to back 100 mile days this week. Am I doing that? NO.

I’m lucky to get in 20 miles in the morning before the day begins, with a 40 mile jaunt on Saturday and Sunday. We are obviously behind on our training schedule.

What’s the event?

It’s the Group Health Seattle to Portland Classic, being held on July 11-12.  We have 2 lovely days of riding in a balmy 80 degrees, tops. I’ve been told that one can even get hypothermia, so feeling pretty excited about the prospect of getting out my cold weather gear again. When you consider that we’ve battled Sahara-like conditions and hot, hot wind for months, I am imagining we’ll gain a little speed or advantage from that. Right?

We are readying ourselves for fun times, lots of sweat, hopefully not a lot of tears.   We are the group from TEJAS, and we expect to make this a great ride.

We meet tonight to pack our bikes, have a few glasses of wine, and have enlisted the help of an expert bike mechanic to help us to pack up the bikes.  We depart next Thursday for the event, and will be ready to get rolling at 5:15 am on Saturday. We have a 2 hour time differential that will hopefully give us an advantage over the Pac NWer cyclists, since we haven’t met our training goals.

Why haven’t we met our training goals?

We have asked ourselves this question many times as we ride the lake. My assumption is that we couldn’t get in early morning rides with lots of mileage due to the sunrise / school /work obligations that we have, along with the weather that delayed our outside cycling until March. We rode on indoor spin bikes all winter long, doing HIT training (a real ass-kicker, let me tell you), weight lifting, and, oh, I almost forgot to mention the 2 triathlons we trained for and finished successfully.  So why aren’t we ready???

Smiles for Miles

The goal, as always, is to have fun.


 That 200 miles will imbue us with more memories than I can begin to tell you about now.  We will undoubtedly have flat tires, car chase scenes, obscenity laced rants, and some friendships forged along the roadside based on things such as a love of Specialized bikes, or perhaps a special propensity for Shimano component repair. So, as I prepare myself mentally for this ride, I keep telling myself that 200 miles just isn’t so far.

One response to “Bicycle

  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog! I hope you make it to Lake Louise one day – it’s definitely beautiful and worth it! I think the warmest it gets there is around 80F, which I assume would be a nice break from 100+F!

    Good for you for doing this! I can’t really imagine doing 100km in one day, let alone 100 miles. Good luck with your training! 🙂

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